I am a Psychotherapist working with both adults and children online and in my therapy room just off La Colomberie, on Francis Street. It is conveniently located a short walk from Green Street car park. I work hours that can match your life and work needs.

Christopher Journeaux therapist and Counsellor

Quiet Room Therapy

Therapy of any kind, Psychotherapy or Counselling, can seem a daunting prospect. We are often told, and throughout our lives, that we need to take responsibility for our mental health. So whilst we reach out to our GP when we sprain an ankle, for depression, bereavement, anxiety and so much more we feel pressured into resolving these alone, without the support of a therapist. Yet Psychotherapy might be only a click away by simply searching therapist near me or ​find a therapist.

I believe that mental well-being is a right and not aspect of luck. We all have the right to live the lives we want in the context of our relationships with others and ourselves. Psychotherapy can help this process.

If you are seeking support and understanding of the way you feel then please make contact with me. I can offer therapy for teens and for adults. 

I have studied both Psychotherapy and Counselling and continue to learn from my clients, my students and life.

I work with adults and children and am currently a Supervisor in training with Terapia and have availability to work with new supervisees. 

Quiet Room Thoughts - the occasional musings of a Psychotherapist living in Jersey working with children and adults in person and online.

Suite 4

Bourne House

Francis Street

St Helier



​Christopher 07797 736595


Skype christopher.journeaux1



Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards

Søren Kierkegaard