The term Psychotherapy conjures up a range of thoughts and ideas that can influence how we all respond to emotional and psychological issues. In truth it is very difficult to encompass such a wide ranging subject with a short, succinct definition. This video is very measured and may encourage more thought and questions.

What is Psychotherapy? by Elizabeth Robbins, PhD,provides an introduction to the therapy process for those who are new to Psychotherapy. It is part of her series, Psychology Matters, which covers many of the aspects of mental health that affect everyday life.

What is psychotherapy

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When you are thinking about a first session there is no need to arrive with a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Many clients begin their journey just knowing that how they are now is not how they want to be. That can be enough to make a start. For others there are goals to be achieved; all things we can discuss. 

The first session can also just be a great place to ask any questions you might have about therapy and counselling.

I work with both adults and children in my therapy room just off La Colomberie, on Francis Street, conveniently located a short walk from Green Street car park. I work hours that can match your life and work needs.


Christopher Journeaux therapist and Counsellor